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how to start profitable eCommerce business – Amazon Clone

An e-commerce website start-up can be very changeable with advanced technology comes up. Amazon Clone script is a user-friendly and full-featured shopping cart. So which is developed in PHP/MySQL platform and pre-implemented with PayPal. So it provides all the tools you require to build a powerful online store. One of the great right of Amazon Clone, compared to another E-commerce script. this script allows the business owner to easy and quick storefront customization. And it develops the proper design of your e-commerce website.

marketplace script

Below are some important tips for profitable Amazon clone start-up :


Make systematic Internal Linking and Website structure

While building an online business, the e-commerce website design plays a key role. when you are optimizing it at a search engine. An e-commerce website must be easy to relocate so that. And your visitors can find the product they are looking for with ease.  For those products categories and sub-categories. it based should be greatly implemented and organized.

Place Quality Images and Content

Images and Content are the major elements of an e-commerce website. Because they are the key factors to bring traffic to your website. Half of the job of gaining traffic is completed. when you develop a bring e-commerce website.

Keyword relevancy and Meta tags

Make each webpage unique as the answer lies in the usage of keywords and Meta tags. Begin with creating a list of quality keyword. For each page with high search volume using Google keyword planner tool. In the start-up on online business. And implementing Meta tags in your web pages make secure traffic generation from the search engines.

Highlight the products which are Popular

Your Amazon Clone website consists of a variety and extra products. Some products sell more than the others. The best tip for online business in this respect would be to highlight. those popular products in featured product’s section, instead of crowd your page with all the products.

Make your website Interactive

In advanced technology, it has now become basic to creating your website more interactive. You can improve the user experience by show products. which are similar to what he is looking for. When you present the visitors with something innovative and different. And they will keep coming back to the site again.

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